Monday, April 19

A Week in the Life: Monday...

.:New Scarf for Church:.

.:Bed Moving:.

Sugar Plum decided that she wanted to sleep in her own room tonight (we co-sleep/room share with our children), so Fr John moved her bed and Little Man decided that he wanted to sleep there too. It is 10:45 and we have two little ones soundly sleeping - one in his bed in the nursery and one sweet girl in the big bed in our room. She would only go to sleep with my promise that Papa would bring her little bed back into our room tonight when he returned from his class at church. We weren't ready after all.

.:Painted Lady Larvae:.

I finally had the chance to order the caterpillars last week and they arrived today! I can't wait to see the process!

.:Baby Love:.

While we were switching around the beds this afternoon, we found some baby blankets that belonged to the little ones once upon a time. They watched me wrap up their baby dolls just like I wrapped them up a few short years ago and listened to stories about their babyhood. It was a sweet moment with my wee ones.


I made my mom's recipe for Chili Con Carne tonight and it was a hit! It is rare for our children to eat much for dinner, but tonight they both had two bowls full!



I'm joining Kyrie for A Week in the Life. I was excited to do this when I saw her post today, but didn't realize how good an idea it was until I looked at the pictures that I took. It was good to remember the sweet spots in our day rather than the rough ones. Would you like to join in?


kyrie said...

Oh, I love this glimpse into your day! You always think you will remember the lovely parts, but I find they fade quickly. It's lovely to have a record of them somewhere to look back on.

Courtney said...

I should join in! I haven't blogged in ages, and it's already shaping up to be a rough week. Remembering the highlights would be a good way to smooth the bumps.

elizabeth said...

Christ is Risen! love the kids eating pictures! :)

wishing you a great day today!

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