Sunday, April 25

April Nesting...

Now that I am 25 weeks and a few days pregnant, I am starting to feel the urge to nest. I know that the baby isn't due until August, but Little Man was born at 32 weeks and I wasn't prepared at all!! I've decided to start getting ready just in case:) This list of things that I would like to accomplish during April probably won't interest any of you, but I am posting it here so that I will procrastinate less and also because I like looking back on these things as our little ones grow.

April Nesting
  • Hang clothesline on back porch*
  • Pot flowers and herb
  • Hang lattice on front porch and screened-in porch*
  • Tidy up screened-in porch
  • Cut down tall grass along fence*
  • Plant Bleeding Hearts
  • Hang shelves in closet*
  • Clear out a drawer for Baby's clothes
  • Wash, fold, and put away Baby's clothes
  • Create a list of baby clothes still needed
  • Tidy changing table and purchase new changing table pad covers
  • Hang shelf above changing table for little odds and ends*
  • Create Hospital Packing List
  • Create list of things to go into Bedside Basket

Note: Items on this list that have an asterisk (*) following them are things that Fr John has to be the one to do. It is pretty unlikely that they will get finished, but I am hopeful!


Anonymous said...

I'm finding myself getting the urge to nest as well (at 23 weeks +).

And my poor husband is realizing that my (not yet written list) is having a lot of "asterisks" too. This is our first time in a home of our own -- before he "got off easy" because we were renting and couldn't paint or make the huge changes I felt were completely "necessary" :-)

I asked last weekend if we could build a fence this weekend. He said, "we?" ;-)

Thanks for the inspiration of the list -- I'll start on mine soon enough.

Prayers for a continued healthy pregnancy!!

Melinda said...

I love reading other people's to-do lists. Thanks for sharing!

Courtney said...

I totally understand the feeling! My list has two big asterisks- renovate the blue room for the big boys and move them in and VAN!

the striped rose said...

Oohhh! What a pretty window!

Irina said...

I am an Orthodox Christian as well. I am glad I have found your blog!

Michelle M. said...

That is a beautiful photo.

I always like to have things done ahead of time, too, but that isn't always the case. I think I was down to the wire with Bunky clothes this time around. But with Spunky, I was ready to go long before she arrived. Since Punky was born early, I always have my hospital bag ready at least a month or two before the due date. I hope the rest of your (full-term- praying!) goes well.

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