Thursday, April 29

Hospital Packing List...

I've updated my hospital packing list from Little Man's birth. I am happy to have this done because this way I can pack quickly or if I have to go to the hospital prior to packing, I can just hand Fr John the list and be assured that we will have everything we need.

  • Icon and Prayer Book
  • Birth plan
  • Insurance card and hospital paperwork
  • Hairbrush and hair clips
  • Pajamas, slippers, and several pairs of socks
  • Book, magazine, puzzle book, paper, and pens
  • Money
  • Toiletries, chapstick, and travel clock
  • Laptop, Camera, Cell Phone (loaded with numbers to call after the birth)
  • Snacks for after the birth and hard candy and mints for during
  • Nursing bras, lots of underwear. and maxi pads
  • List of people and their telephone numbers to call after baby is born
  • Going home outfits for mama and baby
  • Blanket, hat, booties, and sweater for baby
  • Diaper bag with things for big sister, brother, and baby
  • Activities and snacks for big sister and big brother while visiting Mama and Baby in hospital
  • Bottle of Sparkling Cider


elizabeth said...

good to be prepared! my best wishes!

Courtney said...

I might have to copy this. Our birth center keeps meals in the fridge for moms and dads and a basket of snacks in room, but I love the addition of the sparkling cider!

Anonymous said...

does your hospital limit food intake? If so :-( Honey Straws are a GREAT energy boost and easy on the belly.
I devoured them during my 2nd child's labor, and as a birth doula, I always bring plenty (for the laboring mama ... And Me)

MamaBirdEmma said...

Courtney, all our hospital stocks is saltines, graham crackers, and soda/juice at times other than meals. We had Little Man at around midnight, and I was STARVING! I always crave a big burger after giving birth, so if this baby comes when a restaurant is open, I am SO sending Fr John!

Homewordbound, I don't really know if the hospital limits food. my guess is yes:( That is something to ask my doctor on Tuesday. Thanks for reminding me!

Courtney said...

I think limiting food is a huge disservice to women. :-( I remember when we arrived for DS2's birth, the nurse urged me to order dinner before the kitchen closed since "all" she had was sandwiches, fruit, cereal, milk, crackers, soda, etc. I had a nice dinner and I'm glad since labor didn't real get going for another 6 hours! I was in the shower around two AM with back labor and DH was handing me a granola bar! He even went out for pizza at one point (though I couldn't even look at it)...

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