Wednesday, July 8

Reusable Kumon Books...

I really like Kumon books and our daughter really enjoys working on them. Unfortunately, they are a bit expensive to hand over to Sugar Plum to work through when the mood strikes. I decided to follow a friend's advice and laminate some of the pages from each of the new workbooks I had tucked away.

Next, I punched holes in each page and put them into a slim binder. I carefully cut off the front cover and slid it into the front so we'd know what we were working on.

Now Sugar Plum can use wipe off markers and small squares of felt to use her books over and over, and over again! It works so well, I think that when Little Man is ready, we can use them with him too!

As Sugar Plum is able to work on harder activities from the books, I'll laminate a few more pages from each and she can build on the skills she already knows.

Also, I always considered a laminator to be an unnecessary expense, but I found my Scotch one at BJ's for $20 and each package of 50 laminating sheets is $7. We really like it and I definitely think it was a worthwhile purchase!

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Courtney said...

It came out well! I need to take my own advice and get on this. On the plus side, though, my lesson plans are sorted by week for the fall and in a binder ready to go!

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