Monday, July 20

Learning Basket: Beatrix Potter...

The theme of this week's Learning Basket is Beatrix Potter.

We will be reading some of Potter's books and doing a few activities for each. In lieu of reading our little Peter Rabbit book, we will use stickers to complete the pictures in our Peter Rabbit Sticker Storybook and then read the story in that. We were given this Peter Rabbit stuffed animal for Sugar Plum's first Christmas and he will be perfect for retelling the story!

We will also read The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, use our hedgehog puppet for re-telling the story. It will also be fun to follow a rabbit trail to Jan Brett's Hedgie's Surprise.

Wikki Stix will be fun to play with after reading The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse (who finds wax left by the bees in her home!).

The Tale of Two Bad Mice is one of my favorites and I think that the little ones will enjoy coloring the picture of naughty Hunca Munca. I am going to see if Sugar Plum can loosely copy the colors that Beatrix Potter use in her illustration for on her coloring sheet.

We are working on Katherine's Holy Apostles lesson Plans and will be able to do even more now that our books have arrived. Sugar Plum loves to match the three part cards that Katherine created.

Finally, we will continue to work on our laminated Kumon books. I may laminate a few more pages for each book after I see how well Sugar Plum can do on the first ten lessons.

I do not think that we will get through everything we have in the basket, but I'd rather have more planned than not enough. Ideas and materials for this week's basket came from:


Anonymous said...

I really like how you've planned out your year for preschool. I think the themed baskets will work well.

Have you read the post by Elizabeth Foss on Beatrix Potter? It inspired a very extensive rabbit trail for us a few summers ago and there may be some reading/movies that would interest mommy. :)

It makes me so happy to see that you've been able to make the Holy Apostles lesson plans work for your children.

Gae said...

Dear Emma,
This looks like a really fun 'study' for your little ones.
Many Blessings

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful ideas. Your children are lucky to have such a concientious mother!

Angela said...

what a great "unit" study. :) we're big fans of Beatrix Potter's art, storytelling, and conservation. My oldest loves to use her illustrations (and Tasha Tudor's) as inspiration when she sits down to do water coloring.

Can't wait to see what other baskets you have planned.

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