Thursday, July 2

Living and Learning for July...


Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco

Saint Elisabeth the New Martyr

Saint Seraphim of Sarov

Joy of All Who Sorrow

Saint Jacob of Alaska



Visit farm stands

Finish ordering books for September

Declutter in preparation for church garage sale

Begin packing?

Bake for church bake sale

Make s’mores

Make a flag cake

Print Icons to frame for feasts

Prepare for Dormition Lessons using Katherine's Plans


Improve Prayer Life

Cultivate a Quiet Spirit

Lots of Outside Time on Fine Days

Book List

Blueberries for Sal

Planting a Rainbow

Waiting for Wings

Eating the Alphabet

Madeline books

The Crash Up, Smash Up Derby

The Library

Tomie DePaola Books

A.A. Milne Books

Beatrix Potter Books


Morning Walk

Afternoon Water Play

Evening Playground

Special Days

Nana – 2nd

Sugar Plum’s Baptism Anniversary Day – 2nd

Independence Day – 4th

Sugar Plum’s Namesday – 5th

Full Thunder Moon – 7th

Uncle Nic – 8th

Grandpapa – 11th

Uncle Peter – 26th

Nathan - 29th


Practice Being Still and Quiet during Prayers and Services

Singing – “Our Father”

The Sign of the Cross for Little Man

Learn about the Apostles using Katherine's Plans as a framework

Setting and Clearing the Table

Nature table scene and book basket

Visit the pool as much as possible

Seasonal Matching Games


Nursery Rhyme recitation

Catch fireflies

Have picnics

Attend storyhour weekly

Attend concerts and performances weekly

Watch Thunder and Lightning storms

Learn to roller skate well

Watch the fish jump at the pier

Boardwalk rides!



Anne said...

What a sweet picture! I was suprised at how much my second graders liked the A.A. milne books last year. I am going to have to read them myself now. :)

Mrs Spence said...

Hello Emma!

Thanks so much for posting your ideas. I really look forward to each post now and you've been a real inspiration to me to start planning ahead instead of being reactive each day. This whole educating at home is a very new thing to me! I have two little ones at home, 1 is almost three and the other is nearly 12 months. Keep the ideas coming!

love xo fiona

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