Monday, July 27

Learning Basket: Sunflowers...

The theme of this week's Learning Basket is Sunflowers.

We are finishing up Katherine's Holy Apostles lesson plans this week so that we can start the plans that she has created for the Mother of God on August first.

I found a printable coloring book with pictures of sunflowers and little facts on them. Since Sugar Plum loves to color, I think she'll enjoy this.

We are planning on making a sunflower using these templates that I found online, yellow and green tissue paper, and sunflower seeds to make a sunflower to hang on our refrigerator.

We really enjoyed playing with the Wikki Stix last week, so I threw this in for a little extra fun this week.

I found this book on my shelf and it happens to have two pages on Van Gogh and his Sunflowers. I would have really liked to use the Van Gogh book in the Mini Masters set (we have two of the books in that series already), but I've used up my homeschooling money for this month, so it will have to wait!

We'll read some of books that have sunflowers in them and also read our High Five mag for this month (there's a poem about Sunflowers on one of the first pages). Our library system didn't have any of the books that I was hoping to read this week (one being Katie and the Sunflowers), so this is going to be a weak week when it comes to literature.

We are going to have our first taste of sunflower seeds this week.

I also pulled out this card set that I bought a few months ago. I think that Sugar Plum is ready to learn some of the games they suggest for three year olds. If not, good old fashioned matching games are always fun!

Finally, I am planning on taking the children to a farm stand where they sell sunflowers so that we can buy a few. Also, the local peach orchard has a field of sunflowers that are just beginning to bloom. I hope to stop there as well. It should be a fun week!

Edited to Add:

We went to story hour today and I found this book! We'll add it to our meager literary offerings this week... it looks great!


Matushka said...

My girls love sunflower seeds!


Courtney said...

Looks like you'll have a great week!

Hallie @ Moxie Wife said...

You continue to inspire me. :)

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