Tuesday, September 23

An Autumn Meme...

I found this Meme on Dawn's blog. She created it last year. I had a lot of fun filling it out!

When does fall begin for you?
I start to feel like it is fall when the temperature turns cooler and becomes more crisp.

What is your favorite aspect of fall? I love the instinct I have to nest and snuggle down in our home.

What is your favorite fall memory? The early days of my relationship with my hubby... we started dating in the fall and he asked me to marry him in October.

What do you like to drink in the fall? I love hot chocolate and really cold apple cider.

What's your favorite fall food? I love meaty stews and soups, hot muffins and warm breads, cinnamon donuts, apples, crisps, cobblers, and cinnamon rolls...

What is fall weather like where you live? It air is nice and cool, the sky is often blue, and the leaves change nicely.

What color is fall? Browns, purples, reds, and orange.

What does fall smell like? Apples, cinnamon, smoke, and straw.

Holiday shopping in fall: yes or no? Not really... I think about it and then I wait until the last minute.

If you could go anywhere in the fall, where would you go? Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island... the typical fall foliage states.

What is your favorite fall sport? I'm starting to like football... GO GIANTS!!

Do you have a favorite fall chore? I like putting u the decorations, changing the clothing over (when I don't have to organize it!) and bedding, shopping for school supplies and cool weather clothing.

What is your least favorite thing about fall? That it sometimes takes too long to get here and is over so quickly!

What is your favorite fall holiday? Thanksgiving Day.

What's your favorite kind of pie? Apple with a strudel topping.

Which do you prefer, the Farm or the Fair? I've only ever been to Farms, but I'd love to try a fair!

Do you have a favorite fall book? For some reason, I like to read the Mitford books in the Autumn.

How about a favorite fall poem or quote?

"Delicious Autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns." - George Eliot

I hope you enjoyed this meme! If you do it at your blog, please leave a comment

Happy Fall!


Kat's Credence said...

surey posted on my blog

Maria said...

I Love that quote!

Anonymous said...

I played along on my blog! Thanks for giving me something fun to do this morning :)

Kate Linnea Welsh said...

Fun! Here's mine!

Konstantina said...

Sigh. I love the fall. I got married in October and am from Canada so the fall comes early and is so beautiful. Where I live now there are no signs of fall.

Could I ask if you know the name of the artist who painted that beautiful lady?

Mrs. L said...

I love the painting in this post, can you tell me where you got it? Thanks!

The Ramblin' Rat said...

What a fun meme! I usually only lurk, but I thought I would let you know I joined in the fun!

Thanks for posting it!

Autumn Haven said...

I joined in! :)


Amy Jo

Anonymous said...

For some reason, I also enjoy the Mitford books in fall. Maybe because they are sort of cozy too?


Anonymous said...

Posted at my blog :) (even though I'm australian and it's totally the wrong time of year - it's getting happily into spring here now!)

Mimi said...

Happy Fall!

I just saw this on another blog, I'll do it.

Tracy said...

Hi Emma, I used your meme on my blog.


Have a lovely day!

MamaBirdEmma said...

Unfortunately, I don't have a record of the artist who did the picture on this post. I saved the picture awhile ago and didn't use the name to save it. I am very sorry!!

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