Sunday, September 28

Articles on Femininity...

Thanks to a comment she made on this blog, I came across a lovely blog by Penelope. She is a new bride whose blog covers everything from homemaking and cooking ideas to articles on femininity and accepting people as they are. I truly enjoyed her posts on femininity... so much so that they are printed and stashed away for easy access. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did!!


Penelope said...

Hi Emma, My husband and I are Orthodox and keep the Wednesday and Friday fast. I enjoy your blog a great deal also!

MamaBirdEmma said...

That's great, Penelope! My husband is an OCA priest:)

Penelope said...

Wow, so you are a presbytera...what an honor!

Tracy said...

Wonderful posts, Emma. Thanks for sharing the link! :)

Monica said...

Emma, I'm about to make horrid confession. One reason I enjoy reading your blog is because you focus on all the things that I can't seem to make a larger part of my life. I live them through you :) These Feminity posts are another example.

If you ever care to reflect on how a full-time working mom can reach torward an achievable bit of Femininity, I'd love to hear it. I mean, I wear dresses and such.

But I also have to take care of ugly business: I'm picking up the rental vehicle for the debate tournament, and they try to give me less than they promised on the phone, so I must stand up about it. No calling hubbie in to do that for me - he's in class.

Don't get me wrong, I think Penelope's blog is lovely.

All the best,

MamaBirdEmma said...

Hey Monica!

I think that the posts that P. wrote are really an ideal. I would love to say that I don't ever do manly jobs, but that isn't true! I usually bring the trashcans out the the curb on Mondays - Hubs is at church conducting a class and doesn't get home until 10 or 11. I usually bring the car for it's oil changes etc. b/c Hubs is working two jobs all day and I can do it. Though I like skirts, I am not really a frou-frou feminine kind of girl when it comes to dressing... besides, gauze and lace don't go to well with spit-up!

What I got from the posts were ideas to improve my attitude (I need to chill and be a little sweeter and let complain-y), some good reminders to keep my sleepwear and undergarments pretty and feminine, and to allow DH to come to me when he wants me - I have a tendency to smother him b/c he's working at home.

I think that they were both very encouraging articles though!

Don't let them depress you!! I think it's all about attitude and behavior any way!

Anonymous said...

I must say that this time I'm not such a fan of the material. I disagree with a lot of Penelope's opinions on femininity--I think that some of the qualities she claims as "feminine" are actually pretty damaging to the female character--like "the feminine woman tends to be afraid." Is there more to femininity than chiffon? Should an article about femininity be 90% about dress? I personally don't think anyone should be ashamed of doing "manly" things such as standing up for one's self, either. I think that's a woman's job as well.

Sara said...

Just to let you know that these posts are taken nearly word for word from the book, Fascinating Womanhood. Perhaps if you like the things that she wrote, you should read the book that they came from.

Penelope said...

Actually, Sara, I was inspired by the information from here:

I would appreciate you having the full, correct information before posting about me. Kind regards.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely blog you have! I see we both have some similar interests. I'll be definitely be back.

M xx

Anonymous said...

That link went directly to the book's scanned version on the Harvard website. I don't see the difference?

Penelope said...

That isn't the book. The book was written in 1965.

Penelope said...

The author of the book used the title of the pamphlets and large sections entirely verbatim from it for her human qualities. She only originally wrote the parts about the angelic characteristics and the idea of combining the two into an ideal woman.

She admits to having used the pamphlets in the beginning of her own book on the publisher's page, though if you read the original works, it's clear she almost entirely copied it (especially in The Fascinating Girl...almost the whole book is copied word for word from the pamphlets). For this reason, I recommend the original (which has even more information, laid out beautifully) for ideas on femininity. I have only recommended her book for the domestic and angelic characteristics.

Sorry, I just rechecked...She wrote her own book in 1963.

Sara said...

The information in the pamphlets and the book FW is nearly the same, as is the information in your two articles. The difference is that Ms. Andelin cited the pamphlets when writing her book, thus giving credit to the original thoughts and writer. You, however, allowed your readers to think that these ideas were your original thoughts, which they aren't. Next time it would be better to cite the book or pamphlets that you used to get your ideas and words (which you now have done since I mentioned this). No hard feelings.

Fiona said...

What a great find Emma! Thanks so much for introducing me to Penelope's Oasis. Such a calming and serene read.


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