Saturday, December 1

A Wonderful New Product...

After writing my post on working towards getting feminine hands, Mommy Bee mentioned that she uses and likes Neutrogena Instant Nail Enhancer. When I went out to the store the other day, I picked up a tube of the pearl sheen version. It is wonderful! It has give my nails the look of clear polish (with a slight shimmer) without the tedious drying, chipping, and removing-after-a-few-days that regular nail polish requires. The best part is that it is nourishing my nails when I use it! If you plan to get it, it is in the cosmetics section of the drugstore with the Neutrogena makeup... I spent a lot of time looking in the lotions section and then in the nail polish section before I stumbled upon it.


Miss Julianne said...

Thank you for the tip! (no pun intended!) I will try it. Thank you also for telling where to find it in the store. :)

Mommy Bee said...

Oh, I'm so glad you like it! Don't you just love it when you discover a fabulous new product? Now we are even; thanks to you I discovered that Olay warming foot rub--I love it!

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