Wednesday, May 23

Sound Advice...

"Of course it is irritating at times to find that all one's personal affairs are an open book to all the village, but, personally, I have two ways of mitigating the nuisance. The first is to face the fact that one has no real private life in a village, and si it is absolutely necessary to comport oneself as if in the public gaze the whole time. the second is to let people know a certain amount of one's business so that their minds have a nice little quid, as it were, to chew on. There is then a sporting chance that any really private business may be overlooked. On no account, in a village, can one begin a sentance with: 'Don't let it go any further, but-' One has to face this consuming interest squarely. It doesn't worry me now, though it did in my early days here as headmistress; but I have reminded myself many times, that wither- none must know, or all."

Miss Read
Village Diary

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