Monday, May 14

Feminine Inspiration: Agreeing with Life...

One of the traits of a feminine woman which is most admired and perhaps most coveted is the ability to see beauty in every thing one comes in contact with. Most women have this trait to a certain degree. There are women who are able to turn the most dreary of rooms into one that people never want to leave with a few simple arrangements of furniture and decoration. There are others that can take simple and rather plain articles of clothing and somehow wear them with amazing elegance. Many can take a few ingredients from a depleted pantry and create the most filling and delicious meal ever eaten. Some can even take a bunch of weeds from their garden and turn them into a whimsical centerpiece.

How do these women do it? How can they take items with humble beginnings and make them into the most desirable of creations?

Simply put, these women celebrate beauty, charm, and loveliness in everything they see. They relish each and every sense they come in contact with during their day. No experience is unworthy to them! They practice greeting everyday happenings with joy.

In her book The Woman You Want to Be, Margery Wilson list several ways in which we can become lovely quickly and regain a joyful innocence in our lives:
  1. ...Cultivate the acquaintance of some deep and lovely mind- some woman whom you admire, some man whose life as been full and rich and mellow, some graceful and charming girl. It may be a neighbor's daughter grown now to a natural, uncanny poise, instinctivly being a high type regardless of environment. It may be a child, a teacher, a minister, or some new friend.
  2. Have no traffic with pessimists. Remember a pessimist never built a bridge- he knows all the reasons it couldn't be done
  3. Dislike no one- even someone who has injured you- or whom you have injured!
  4. Don't think too much of your own failures. Every bright person has at least one eating frustration, one agony of unfulfilment. This state of affairs cannot be prevented. I shouldn't like to be so dull that my mind did not race ahead of my performance.
  5. Drink in beauty and charm from every possible source.
Agree with your life! Enjoy even the most simple of pleasures and fight the temptation to become sullen and jaded creatures who snuff the beauty and joy out of everything good in life!


Jess Connell said...

Sounds like a great book. I'll look around and keep my eyes open for it!

Thanks for telling us about it.
Jess @ Making Home

MamaBirdEmma said...

It is totally a keeper, Jess:) Actually, all of her books are! I got mine on Amazon...

Anonymous said...

"Cultivate the acquaintance of a deep and lovely mind.."

That's the very thought that has brought me to your blog today. I've admired your input on other people's blogs, and after checking out some of your entries here, it's now saved as one of my "favorites." I've been looking for things that are defined by a striking *lack* of contentiousness, celebrating the homey and feminine without hostility or bickering.

I probably won't comment much, but I'll be sitting quietly, enjoying your company and just being happy to visit awhile.

Buffy said...

I liked this post very much and will print it out. The book sounds good, please feel free to give us more snippets!

MamaBirdEmma said...

I definitely will, Buffy!

MamaBirdEmma said...

Thank you, R.

It means a lot to me that you wrote that:)

Anonymous said...

Very good advice. Some that I need reminding of. Thank you for posting it.

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