Monday, May 14

Collecting Satisfactions....

In reading the book The Woman You Want to Be by Margery Wilson, I have come across some precious little jewels of advice. In one section, Wilson challenges the reader to:
"Write down a list of one hunderd people and things you like. Begin collecting "satisfactions." If you like the feel of clean sheets, write that down. Start agreeing with life and watch how it will agree with you."

With this in mind, I would like to begin a series of 100 posts that will be entitled "Collecting Satisfactions." In these posts, I will add one person or thing to my personal list that helps me to celebrate the beauty, charm, and loveliness in my life.

I would like to invite you to share in this exercise with me by writing a list of people and things that bring you joy in your life! Once you written a post on this topic, post it on your blog and link to this post in your post, and then post the direct link to your Collecting Satisfactions post below. If you do not have a blog, but have a Satisfaction to share, please post it in the comments section.

It will be wonderful to read all about the satisfactions each of you find in your life!


Kimberly Lottman said...

Sounds like a lovely idea. Here's the link to my first post.

- Kim

Dana said...

I didn't see your new idea until now, since we've had company all weekend, but I coincidentally wrote something quite similar on my NEW BLOG on Sunday. :-)

I'm still figuring out how to set it up and how the linky things work.


MamaBirdEmma said...

Great Satisfactions, Kimberley! Thanks for joining:)

I can't wait to read your article, Dana! Congrats on the new blog:)

Michelle said...

I've recently stumbled across your blog and am really enjoying it. I love your idea of collecting satisfactions. When I started my blog back in June of last year I decided that at the end of each post I would write something that I am grateful for. It makes me focus on the wonderful quality of my life...and now my idea is spreading to other bloggers who are also listing their gratitudes.

Dixie Redmond said...

Hi - I began the "Collecting Satisfactions" journey -

Thanks for posting about this. ~ Dixie

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