Monday, April 9

Packing a Suitcase...

Christ is Risen!
Since we will be away for most of the week visiting our families (which is why I chose this cute little video!), posting may be a little sparse! I hope that you all have a blessed Bright Week!


Courtney said...

I loved this!

My mother is a master packer, and taught me as well, though I don't claim the title "master" quite yet. I love packing and organizing, though.

I like her idea of the plastic sheets in between layers. When she began by putting her shoes, etc. on the bottom, I thought "what a pain to have to dig for those and disturb everything else," but the sheets are the perfect solution! I think I might do something similar the next time I travel.

Enjoy your time visting family!

I have a funny update for you when you're back!


Mimi said...

What a clever idea about the plastic sheets with handles.

Anonymous said...

Wow...thanks for sharing. I was amazed at how much she fit into that tiny suitcase! Lol. I will definately put more thought into my packing next time.

Anonymous said...

i just loved that! I learned a few new things. Most of it is common sense, which I seem to lack at times. :-)
Thanks for sharing!
Tina Kay

Anonymous said...

I don't care how 'old' this film is...tons of good ideas! Watch some of those day-time tv divas...that plastic sheet idea will show up soon with a name brand attached. So much of that case was filled with 'non clothing'...a small ironing board??? ONE extra pair of shoes?? Drizzle boots??(I've worn those) NO JEANS, thankfully, but, heh, 'peddle pushers' (I have owned those, think capris). No T-SHIRTS! yeh! Women back then knew how to dress like women! Great stuff!

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