Thursday, December 21

Greenery and Our Little Retiree

Our youngest son marches to the beat of his own drum.  This morning he was dressed in this  unusual get-up.   My favorite part was the tube socks pulled up as far as they could go combined with his moccasin slippers. It looks like he's ready for a retirement home. 

There is a Christmas tree lot nearby that sells wreaths, garlands, and wildly expensive Christmas trees.  We bought our evergreen elsewhere, but that didn't stop me from swinging by and buying as sprig of mistletoe to adorn one of our doorjamb.  It's currently residing on the dining room table catching the golden light of morning. I almost hate to move it!

In other floral news, I bought a massive bunch of dried eucalyptus pods at our florist today.  They smell like fresh eucalyptus, but will last ever so much longer.  I think I'll put a vase of them in each bathroom and also some on the mantle.  Their color and texture are so unique!

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