Wednesday, December 13

Clinging on for Dear Life

Saturday's snow is still trying to cling on for dear life.  The snow was very wet and heavy when it fell and perfect for snowballs, forts, and snow men, but after a cold snap last night what's left has become very crunchy and satisfying to trudge through.  

This week has been quite busy.  The children had their first violin recital on Monday night, our middle son turned ten on Tuesday night, we have our homeschool review scheduled for Thursday morning, and there is basketball scheduled for four nights this week.  Add to that lessons, violin practice, church services, and other miscellaneous activities, and our plates are very full! 

In the midst of all of this, I have gotten a bee in my bonnet.  It has been very satisfying to sift through some of our things for a little bit of a clear out before Nativity arrives in less than two weeks.  We haven't really begun putting up our Christmas things at all yet, so it has been nice to try to make a little space for the decorations and presents that are starting to arrive already!

I had a little panic attack the other night when I started to look for presents that I had put away for our son's birthday.  For the life of me I couldn't find one of his gifts that I knew I had put in a box with several Christmas presents.  It was a hair-raising half an hour, let me tell you!  I prayed to Saint Menas (a saint that never lets me down when I am searching for something!) very fervently and in the end found everything I was looking for in a box that I had check three times previously.  Oy.  Hopefully we will not have a repeat of that when I start wrapping the Christmas things next week!

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