Tuesday, December 26

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Tucking Ruthie into her little bed, Mama whispered, "The folk shall have their Christmas tree, and you shall be the heavenly angel this year."
Ruthie fell fast asleep, but Mama sat long by the firelight sewing as fast as her nimble fingers could move."
Gloria Houston 
Christ is Born!  
Christmas Day was lovely this year.  The children opened their stockings prior to Liturgy and after we got dressed in our Christmas finery, I had a bit of time to mix the dough for our annual Christmas bread.  We ate snacks and opened presents once everyone from church left, and the children watched The Nativity Story with their papa while I prepared the Christmas feast.  We ate and visited with some of our relatives and enjoyed Christmas Night Vespers in the candlelit quiet of our little chapel.  I always try to drag Christmas Day out as long as possible and so I didn't climb into bed until long after midnight.  I'm so glad that we have eleven more days to celebrate the feast!

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