Sunday, December 31

2017 Knitting

Crowns for the Three Kings


Before I started to recall the things that I had knitted this year, I thought that it would be a pretty underwhelming list.  To be sure, I knit mainly small things this year (mostly dishcloths and socks), but I am proud that I was able to conquer the fear of knitting socks.  I have to admit that I mostly like sock knitting and will continue to try to improve my skills. I'd like to try to knit twelve things again this year (especially a Ramona Light Cardigan).


willfulmina said...


Jane G Meyer said...

I love that you keep improving your skills and making more and more difficult things. So inspiring to watch! I have a yarn store near my home, and am trying to get my courage up to go and tackle some sort of knitting project. Wish me luck!

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