Sunday, May 21


Recently I can't get enough of the color pink and was so happy to spot these gorgeous hydrangeas at the market on Saturday night.  It is so nice to see them on our table along with our white tablecloth.  This Thursday is the feast of Ascension and I'm glad that there is still some Pascal beauty to enjoy.

We collected seashells on the beach today with Sugar Plum's godfather, who was visiting from the great state of Texas.  One of the best things we found was a Mermaid's Purse (a shark's egg case)!  I washed them all with gentle soap and lots of hot water and once they were dry, we packed them up, and sent them back with Uncle Mark for his children.

This coming week is filling up with lots of different activities and tasks, but I'm determined to try to make it to pick strawberries once more.  The ones that we picked on Saturday were so delicious!

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elizabeth said...

how many lovely things!!! so glad!!!

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