Saturday, May 27

Birthday Cakes

Since our daughter and our youngest niece both celebrate their birthdays on May 26th, we decided to have a joint celebration with two cakes!  The birthday cakes were inspired by a wedding cake that we spotted while watching the BBC's Emma months and months ago.  I used two different bundt cake pans:  a Vaulted Cathedral Bundt and a Bundt Quartet PanThe cake recipe was one from King Arthur Flour and I thought that it was just 'meh'...  it used a lot of eggs and butter and perhaps if there had been a lemon glaze added, the flavor would have been better, but it was just too plain to go frostingless (which was what we wanted).  I love how the dusting of powdered sugar sets off the bundt cake patterns and the roses were perfect decorations for these sweet girls!  

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Those cakes are very nice. You are right about the sugar, it really does set off the patterns. I've been wanting to try a cake like that but worry about it sticking. Has that ever been a problem for you?

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