Saturday, May 6

Joyful Anticipation

She bought a cheap cushion at one of Liberty's sales, and some bits of twopenny-halfpenny art china for her narrow mantelpiece.  A lacquered tea-tray and a tea-set of a single cup and saucer, a plate, and a teapot, made her feel herself almost sumptuous.  After a day spent in trudging about in the wet or sold of the streets, doing other people's shopping, or searching for dressmakers' or servants' characters for her patrons, she used to think of her bed-sitting-room with joyful anticipation.  Mrs. Cupp always had a bright fire glowing in her tiny grate when she came in , and when the lamp was lighted under its home-made shade of crimson Japanese paper, its cheerful air, combining itself with the singing of her little fat black kettle on the hob seemed absolute luxury to a tired damp woman."

The Making of a Marchioness
Frances Hodgson Burnett

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