Tuesday, May 23

Handwashing Unmentionables

A month or so ago, I bought some new unmentionables and the saleswoman admonished me for washing my previous ones in the washing machine. 

 "But I use a little lingerie bag," I protested. 

"That doesn't matter!  Always launder lingerie by hand with a gentle soap and hand to dry!" she replied.

Ever since then, I have obediently been washing these delicate things in a bowl of warm soapy water.  I've been using just a little dab of either hand soap or dish soap to clean them.  In the above case, Mrs. Meyers peony dish soap did the trick.


Woman of the House said...

I don't dry mine in the dryer, but I do wash them in a machine. They last a very long time, so I'm not likely to change my routine now, despite what the saleswoman said. Handwashables tend to languish for awhile until I get to them, so it wouldn't be very practical. :)

Christine said...

Good for you!

Jenny said...

I spent years washing dainty unmentionables, rinsing them, and rolling them in towels. It was not something to which I looked forward. I was so happy that our new washing machine had a truly gentle handwash cycle, and after using it once, I never went back to handwashing. This is one rule, I will gladly break! The only thing I handwash is my stockings. Good for you for sticking to the rules, though!

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