Monday, May 15

A Moveable Feast

We stopped at Whole Foods on the way home from the wedding weekend.  We don't have one near us, so it's always a treat to wander the aisles.  Each of us got to purchase something special and I chose novelty tulips that remind me of lilies of the valley.

Our little girl was eager to begin another embroidery project and is making us pillowcases with Queen Anne's Lace along the edge as my Mother's Day gift.  I cannot wait to see her beautiful work gracing our bed.  Queen Anne's Lace was included in our wedding flowers, so they are a favorite here.

My husband was the videographer for the wedding ceremony yesterday and has spent the whole day going through footage.  I cannot wait to see the final video (hopefully tomorrow!).  I hope that Anna and Justin will be happy with it! 

 I spent a little time in the kitchen baking a carrot cake tonight.  I have wanted to make one since my namesday last Monday and finally gave into the temptation.  It will be a nice treat this week!

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