Tuesday, May 24

Living and Learning: The Week Ahead...


I heard about Julian Fellows' adaptation of Anthony Trollope's Doctor Thorne on Amazon a few weeks ago and was intrigued, but didn't really know much about the storyline.  Once I started watching on Saturday, I was hooked and blew through all four episodes this weekend.  I really loved it!  

In the Kitchen 
It's strawberry season!  Our little girl is turning 10 on Thursday and her dearest wish is to pick strawberries as part of her birthday festivities.  We'll take her after breakfast and gather as many as we can!

On My Bedside Table
I'm reading Dragonwyck after spotting it's gorgeous floral cover in the bookstore.  I'm glad that I borrowed it from the library, because though it is well written, it is basically a teenage romance novel.  I may give one of the author's other books a try because of the rave reviews, but I have a feeling that Anya Seton's books are not for me.  The covers are amazing, though!

Out of Doors
The weather has been so chilly and gray lately that I have put off getting our window boxes sorted out, but I think that this is the week that it will happen.  I love picking out the plants that go in and think that I may have finally decided on what I'm going to buy this year.  Stay tuned for more details!

 It is so hard to believe that we have a child who will be DOUBLE DIGITS in a few short days.  We have a nice day planned, God Willing.  Her gifts are already wrapped, but I am hoping to find a bit of ribbon to tie around her packages.  We have a big surprise for her main gift and I cannot wait to give it to her!


Dianna said...

Dragonwyck is on my reading list, so I'm glad to hear your take on it. I read Katherine by Anya Seton last year, and it was amazing! It was so well-researched that it has spoiled me for every other medieval book I've read since then. One thing I loved about it was that the main character lived her religion in a very medieval way, instead of having a more modern Christianity imposed upon her. So in any case, if you decide to give her another try, I'd recommend Katherine.

Lucy said...

Oh, how exciting to go into double figures! My daughter sends birthday love to Sugar Plum. If ever I mention you, D says "the lady who loves tea, loves to knit, and has Sugar Plum?" I've never broken the news that Sugar Plum isn't her real name!

WendyLady@GoodBooks said...

I recently watched (couldn't stop watching!) all 4 episodes of Doctor Thorne as well. Loved it, and now I need to read some Trollope!

elizabeth said...

wow! 10 already! I remember turning 10! :) Many years to her!!! so many nice things; the blanket you are knitting is going to be so beautiful!!!

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