Sunday, May 15

Happy Sunday...


 We were  invited to help pick out tiny goldfish for our elderly priest's backyard pond this afternoon.  We ended up buying fourteen fish (for under $3.00!) and while they floated in their pet store bag to acclimate to the pond water, we helped to spring clean the screened-in porch for our friends.  It took very little time to get everything done and now Father and Matushka will be able to enjoy their porch!.  They are unable to do much physical work, but their little garden is in good shape now because their grandchildren cleaned out the pond and some other parishioners spent some time potting flowers and doing some other light yard work.  It's really encouraging to see people helping one another! 

I made a berry trifle for an afternoon treat using half of the pound cake that I made for Pascha.  It was wonderful to have that tucked in the freezer for later.  There were so many delicacies to eat during Bright Week , that the extra cake would have just gotten lost in the shuffle.  Saving half meant that we could enjoy it all the more now. 

It is nearly strawberry season here.  I can't wait to get out to some of the fields that we have near our home for U-Pick.  We have one about a mile away and it is such fun to fill our baskets with the juicy berries.  When my dad was little, one night a year during strawberry season, my grandmother would serve shortcake (and only shortcake!) for dinner.  It sounds like a perfect tradition to keep!

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