Monday, May 16

Living and Learning: The Week Ahead...


Church in the Home
We've been really enjoying singing The Angel Cried as part of our bedtime prayers routine since Pascha.  It is such a wonderful hymn:


On My Bedside Table
I'm nearly finished reading The Remains of the Day.  I'll be glad to finish it, as it has not been my favorite novel.  I barely remember watching the film based on the book, starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson (it was years and years ago).  I think that I may see if it is available to borrow at the library...  I seem to remember it being good!

Have you heard about the new Jane Austen film, Love and Friendship, coming to theaters?  It is based on Austen's unfinished novel, Lady Susan.  Not only has Whit Stillman turned Lady Susan into a feature length film, he has also re-imagined and completed the novel for our reading pleasure.  Both book and film look to be very good!  The release for the movie is not terribly wide, however, so it won't come to us until the end of the month (and even then, I'll have to drive 45 minutes to get to a showing!).  

One of the things I love to do just as the weather warms is pick out sandals.  I have purchased a pair of Born Stephane sandals in gold.  I love how they fit and look (they're perfect with every outfit), and as I am quite tall, the fact that they are flat is a wonderful bonus!  What sandals will you be wearing this summer?

Kitchen, Pantry, Table
I've been flying by the seat of my pants as far as meals go since Pascha and really needed to get back into the menu planning groove! We're having: baked ziti, beef stroganoff, roast chicken with mashed potatoes, tuna sandwiches, and chili for our dinners this week. I made my grocery list and did the weekly shopping today after lunch.  It wasn't ideal to wait until Monday afternoon to get it all done, but now that everything is planned and purchased, things will be a lot easier.  I'm not sure why it took so much effort to get organized this time.


Mrs. Cote said...

Your blog is always so peaceful and lovely. Better late than never, for getting organized! :) I also like metallic colors for summer to go with everything but I haven't yet started my hunt.

God bless you!
Mrs. Cote

Katya said...

Your sandals are so cute! This year I have ordered myself a pair of Jack Rogers Hamptons sandals to try.... I love the look and that they seem like they'll go with anything. I haven't received them yet, but I'm hoping they'll be a good fit!

DJL said...

I've decided that all my shoes from here on out are going to be red. In a funny way, red kind of goes with everything. I'm sure this mood will pass but for the time being I am wearing new red sandals and have my eye on another pair from Zappos. I like the sandals you picked out but I have some foot problems and those perfectly flat styles don't give me enough support. But I bet they will look simply elegant on you!

elizabeth said...

fun! I have not bought new sandals since my wedding Birkenstock rose ones! :) I really should get a new pair of white ones, but well, we will see. I only wear birks and like them to last forever and resole etc...

I am lucky if I ever have a week's menu planned. Already now, what I was going to have for dinner tonight bombed. but that's OK. I still have my organic chicken burgers to make at home for times like these! ironically, since we were going to get slumming take out but had a different type of chicken in mind!

Melanie said...

I purchased a pair of Salt Water Sandals this year. They are comfortable but I am not to sure about them. I would like something a little more ladylike.

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