Wednesday, May 4

Bright Wednesday...


Thou didst descend into the tomb, O Immortal, Thou didst destroy the power of death!  In victory didst Thou arise, O Christ God, proclaiming "Rejoice" to the myrrh-bearing women, granting peace to Thine apostles, and bestowing resurrection on the fallen. 


We're working our way through our Paschal leftovers.  Our breakfast of late has included a slice of Pascha bread toasted with butter and today I included a small smear of Cheese Pascha.  Yum!  Our ham was finished up tonight for dinner (fettuccine alfredo with ham and peas), which means that my dreams of a cheeseburger may be happening for lunch tomorrow.  

For the past few springs, we have been on the lookout for the pink lady's slippers that pop up in our wood.  There are only a few that we have been able to find, but I think that they'll multiply.  I hope so!

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

such a lovely week!!! I hope for a hamburger soon too :)

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