Thursday, February 18

Our Morning Routine...

Here's a little video where I talk about our morning routine.  I'd love to hear all about your morning routine or schedule.  Also, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them in the comments section!


elizabeth said...

Loved listening to this! I find that I need breakfast often before prayers too. I love your routine, I see how it brings calmness th o your days! ♡

Jane G Meyer said...

Love this!
We are just three now, not counting the dog (!!!) actually we have to count him, since we walk him every morning.

Okay, so! We get up at around 7, sometimes earlier, and walk the dog, feed the dog, tell the dog not to lick us so much, then everyone is up and showered and ready for something at about 8. My husband heads out to his office to work, I head into the kitchen for tea, and the little one grabs a book and hangs out on the couch or runs in loops out back.

Breakfast happens. Laundry goes in. Tidying, and always sweeping the floors. At around 9 we begin! Prayers, first, school until noon or 12:30, then errands, classes outside the house, writing, editing, washing the dog, the beach, whatever! I find that if I am completely engaged in school for those three plus hours in the morning, then the rest of the day can be lots of things... Evenings are always dinner at the table. My husband cooks :)

Anonymous said...

I love you sharing your routine. Here is ours:
I try to rise before anyone else (not always succesfully) say my individual prayers, unload dishwasher, start laundry,start coffee, etc.
My son takes one of our dogs on a walk, and my daughter wakes up. She is allowed to watch a very short amount of tv while I finish cleaning kitchen, gets dressed, we have breakfast, helps with her chores.
I take care of the chickens between 7-8 usually.
Some days I have to get my son to the college early and if my husband is not travelling, my little one stays with him so I can drop off.
I am going to start doing prayers with her from the CGOT curriculum each morning before starting lessons. I am the only officially Orthodox person in my home right now (although everyone is very interested) so we don't yet have a prayer time as a family. My husband and lo will be Chrismated later this year, God willing.
We generally start our lessons between 9-10 although we are not as structured because she is still preschool. We will be starting Kindergarten next year and adding a bit more structure.

DJL said...

Dear Emily,
I enjoyed hearing about your family's morning routine. My routine is similar. I work outside the home so I do have to get up at a set time. I usually get up about 90 minutes before my daughters need to get up for school. This gives me enough time to get all the things done I want to get done, without having to rush. (How I hate rushing!). I make my bed first thing, then wash my face, put my contacts in, get dressed, etc. Then I put away clean dishes from the night before and set the table for breakfast. I make our lunches the night before as well so I only have to pack everything into lunchboxes before we leave for the day. Then I make my tea and my smoothie and do Morning Prayer and Mass (I am Catholic). (I usually say my rosary in the car on the way to work.) After praying, I brush my teeth and put my make up on and ready the girls' breakfasts before going in to wake them up. I make them a hot breakfast every morning and do the dishes before we leave (I refuse to come home to dirty dishes!). They will make their beds and then I will go straighten them (it seems I am the only perfectionist in the house!) While they brush their teeth and hair and get their school bags ready, I go out and warm up the car (we live in New England and this is a necessity in the winter) and bring any trash, recycling or mail out with me. I also often get a load of laundry going at this point. Then we head out for our day! It always feels good knowing I am leaving the house snug and tidy so when we get home and its time to make dinner, I don't feel already behind.
Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

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