Thursday, February 11

Dinner Party Preparations...

Show Notes
Crochet Stones (similar
Beef Stroganoff Recipe from The Joy of Cooking (double to sauce and add sauteed mushrooms!)
Carrot Cake

Note:  My children just watched this video and realized that I said that our youngest's dishes were of Mister Todd rather than Jeremy Fisher.  Whoops!


DJL said...

Dear Emily,
I really enjoyed this! Thank you for taking the time to do it. You are lovely homemaker and inspire me to become a better one. I hope your dinner party was a success!
Have a nice weekend,
Dana (@NieveandEstrellas)

Christine said...

Your Dinner video is very charming. You come across well, explaining all the details.
What a blessing to have this couple over and give them love.

elizabeth said...

I finally got to watch this! it's lovely! you always set such a pretty table with simplicity and elegance! That meal sounds delicious!!

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