Monday, February 1

Living and Learning: The Week Ahead...

Church in the Home
The feast of the Meeting of the Lord is tomorrow!  Father John will be blessing candles following Liturgy.  In the past, we have rolled our own candles to bring to church, but this year we opted to purchase some ready made ones from a local shop.  We also plan to bake chocolate cupcakes frosted with cream cheese icing and decorated with edible glitter stars.

Living Well
Saint Nicholas (also known as me!) left the lovely treat of churned seashore honey and a tea strainer inside my shoe back in December and I have been enjoying them so much.  The honey is quite a fancy treat, but a little goes a long way (for my taste) and so I think that it will last for quite awhile. 

On My Bedside Table
After re-watching the first season of Grantchester this last week, I began Sydney Chambers and the Shadow of Death.  I had started reading it over the summer and got sidetracked by our travels.  It reminds me a bit of Alexander McCall Smith's No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency...  light reading without gore or too much suspense!

With the final season of Downton Abbey in full swing, John Lunn has released a new collection of selected music from the series.  My very favorite song from the series, Duneagle, is one of the tracks.  Have a listen: 

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