Thursday, February 25

Knitting While Distracted and On the Go...

Show Notes
My Sister Kate's Etsy Shop -encourage her to sell her linen bags!
Art Deco Hat Pattern
Fringe Supply Co. - for brass stitch markers, removable stitch markers, black stitch markers,
needle gauge, crochet hooks
Baggu Pouch 
Lantern Moon Knitting Needles
Tape Measure


willfulmina said...

Loved this! I have an amazing tool, with a crochet hook on one side and a knitting needle tip on the other. It has saved my stitches more than once. I also like little post it flags or arrows to mark where I am in the pattern.

DJL said...

This was great. I've been trying to get more organized with my knitting. My best friend just showed me how she keeps track of the rows she is on in a pattern (she jots a list: 1, 2, 3, etc. and then crosses them off as she goes. Your tip with the post-its is great. I will be doing that from now on because I find looking at an entire pattern sheet visually confusing.
I also love to embroider and have been thinking lately of how I can organize my embroidery supplies/projects to be more portable, but so far don't have any good ideas.
Also: if Kate sold those linen bags, I would definitely buy some, for myself and as gifts.
Dana Laviano

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