Tuesday, September 29

The Things We Do: September...

Homeschooling is not just about our schoolbooks!  We also have an abundance of other activities that we take part in.  This school year, I plan to list all of the things that we participate in during the month that exceeds our book work.  

Akathist for the Church New Year
Nativity of the Mother of God
Elevation of the Cross 
Sang in the Choir and Served in the Altar
Attended Church School Classes
Party to Celebrate Ordination Anniversaries for Fathers Daniel and Steven

Letter Writing 
Postcard Writing
Leaf Rubbings
Violin Lessons and Practice
Art Classes
Made Bracelets with Name and Phone Number
Knit a Blanket (Sugar Plum)
Created with a Spirograph
Practiced New Hairstyles (Sugar Plum)
Haircuts by Papa (Boys)
Painted Wooden Toys 
Viewed Reproductions of Andy Warhol's Art at Local Gallery

Out and About
Visited Several Seaside Towns
Spent Time at the Boardwalk
Overnight Visit to See Grandfather, Grandpapa, Grandmama, Aunties, and Cousins
Farmers' Markets
Trip to IKEA
Trip to the Mall
Attended an Outdoor Performance of The Taming of the Shrew 
Made Friends with Neighborhood Girl
Speech Therapy (Little Man)
Speech Therapy Evaluation (Button)
Chose a Mum for the Porch at the Nursery
Trip to National Park (using 4th Grade Park Pass Voucher)
Several Ice Cream Dates with Friends
Local Jazz Festival
Dinner Party with Father Daniel and Matushka Dunia
Enjoyed Weekend Guests
Sneaker Shopping
Apple Picking
Autumn Festival

Entertainment and Technology
Video Chat with Best Friend (Sugar Plum) 
Watched Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella

Sports and Games
Basketball (with Papa and church friends)
Swimming in Pool
Swimming in the Ocean
Used Hose to Wash Car
Played Soccer (with Church Friends)
Played Multiple Games of Chess
Played Manhunt 
Multiple Trips to the Playground 
Gym Class at the Local University 
Learned How to Throw and Catch a Football 

Climbed Trees
Observed Stars
Examined Toads, Bats, Crickets, a Praying Mantis, and Frogs
Created Habitat for Frogs and Toads
Inspected Caterpillar
Listened to Weekly Nature Show on NPR 
Played in the Pouring Rain
Observed Wild Horses
Viewws Supermoon Eclipse

Note:  To compile this month's list, I simply jotting down the activities we did as a family and the things that the children wanted to do each day. Nothing was planned in advance and it really encouraged me to see all that we accomplished. October is right around the corner... why don't you try creating a Things We Do list for your family?


kyrie said...

Oh I love this!! I'm going to tuck a list into my homeschool binder.

elizabeth said...

lovely list! glad I was part of some of these wonderful things! :)

kelly said...

This is a great idea! Thank you!

kelly said...

This is a great idea! Thank you!

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