Thursday, September 10

Signs of Late Summer...


I accidentally came upon an almanac website for our area (connected to NPR) that is an absolute goldmine for nature information for our location.  The children and I listened to two radio shows this morning before school and compiled a list of Signs of Late Summer to identify for in our woods and our favorite beaches. I plan on using this nature show often as part of our science curriculum.  I wish that I had found this resource sooner! 

Signs of Late Summer 
  golden cornstalks
warm ocean swims
twilight beach bonfires
ruby-throated hummingbirds
red-tailed hawks
sawhett owls
peregrine falcons
northern bobwhite quails
white ibis
devil's walking stick
poke weed
trumpet vine
partridge pea
morning glories
dune mallows
jerusalem artichoke
joe pye weed
purple aster
golden rod
monarch butterflies
black swallowtails
spice bush swallowtails
buck-eye butterfly
eastern blue


Cassidy said...

Wonderful! I'll have to check out our local NPR and see if they have something similar.

DJL said...

Dear Emma,
I've been a new reader to your blog and am making my way through the archives. I had to smile at this post as this is something I do out of personal habit: list all the seasonal changes I notice. I like to look back and see if things happened around the same time as the year before. It gives a depth and richness to daily life when you keep your eyes open!
My best to you and your family.
Dana Laviano

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