Monday, September 28

Living and Learning: The Week Ahead...

Church in the Home
This Thursday is the Feast of Protection of the Mother of God.  There will be services to attend and we'll all try to wear blue for the feast.  We'll also read one of our favorite books, The Story of Mary, the Mother of God.  

I happened to stumble upon a Bill Moyer episode profiling Donald Hall and Jane Kenyon.  I've been enjoying Jane Kenyon's poetry of late and it was nice to see what she looks like and hear her voice.

On My Needles
I've been in a bit of a knitting rut of late.  Something made me need to get out the needles and yarn this past Friday night, and so I cast onto a picot-edge washcloth.  It was a satisfying knit and the children have already enjoyed their first bath with it.

Kitchen, Pantry, Table
Brin Wisdom's Fall Apple Cake showed up in my feed just as I had to make a decision about what dessert to make for a dinner party that we were attending that night.  This cake is made from simple ingredients and takes very little time to assemble.  It was a big hit at the party (lots of requests for the recipe!) and was very delicious the next day with a mug of tea.  

One of our parishioners has a daughter-in-law who tells the sweetest (free!) stories for little people.  Have a look at her website and see what I mean!

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MA F said...

Oh those apple trees! Our van has broken down so sadly we are missing all our fall plans like apple picking. But we have some in our fridge and I think my new plan for breakfast is baked apples!

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