Monday, September 7

Living and Learning: The Week Ahead...

Church in the Home
This week is the first of the Twelve Great Feast of the Year, The Nativity of the Mother of God.  We'll be going to the church services offered and I have hopes that we will have a chance to bake a birthday cake for tomorrow's dessert

I was excited to find a new blog called A Lady's Code.  Have a look if you have interest in "the code of conduct which serves to guide a lady in every situation that arises in the course of her daily life."

In Season 
Have you see the  Fall Foliage Map for 2015 yet?  It was really neat to see when we can expect the leaves to be at their most brilliant in our area.  As autumn is my favorite time of year, this map will help me plan some of our sightseeing activities.

I have a lot of walking in my future and I really need to find suitable shoes to keep comfortable.  I love Born shoes, but they are a little fancier than I think will work for the situations that we will be in.  I am leaning towards birkenstock slides (they seem like they will look okay with casual skirts and dresses, as well as shorts).  Any other thoughts?  I am not interested in sneakers at all.

The second Republican Primary Debate is scheduled for September 16th on CNN.  Will you be tuning in?  No matter how you vote, be sure to make sure that you are registered as a Republican or a Democrat (if it is required in your state) in time for the Presidential Primaries in early 2016.


Tiny Toadstool Cottage said...

A Lady's Code is lovely - all so true. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Katya said...

Funny, I'm just getting ready to write a blog post about my new shoes - Born Julianne. Just got them in beige. Most comfortable flats ever! No breaking in necessary. I plan to buy red next month for some spice with my fall maternity outfits. I'm not sure you'll like them since they are closed toe, but they are definitely not fancy.

Love the foliage ideas!

Katya said...

Buy them in red*

elizabeth said...

for some reason the birk slides link did not work - but I gathered from it that you mean something like this?

if so, I love mine:


I am a Birkenstock only gal - just love them. shoes, clogs, sandals... they last a long time esp if you get them re-heeled and take care of them or have the shoemaker care for them. I have shoes going back to 1994 that are still functional! last forever with care! :)

fun blog you found! lots to think about!

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