Thursday, July 23

Thursday at the All-American Council...


Our children's heads hit the pillow tonight and they were out like little lights.  It has been such a great week, but everyone is completely exhausted.

We had the final Hierarchical Divine Liturgy this morning (at seven!) And the children sang before and during Holy Communion.  It was so sweet to hear their little voices!  After Liturgy, our older two attended a nice breakfast with Metropolitan Tikhon and then went to a local waterpark for the day.  I was really impressed with the amazing program that they put together for the youth.  It seemed like just the right balance of fun and education!

Kate and I took the younger children to the laundromat and then out for lunch and ice cream after Liturgy and it was amazing.  Yum!  We tried taking them on a car ride to get them to sleep afterward, but it backfired when only two of the three fell asleep just before we pulled into the parking garage of the hotel and woke up (despite our best efforts) just as we entered the hotel room.  We ended up having a little quiet time in the room and some playtime outside before dinner which was really nice for them.   

Tomorrow morning we will pack everything up and start heading home with a few stops along the way!  I am looking forward to my bed!

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