Monday, June 15

Summer Wardrobe...

I haven't done a wardrobe post in awhile (here's the last one), but have been very inspired by the ten item wardrobe that Jennifer L. Scott advocates on her blog and in her books.  As longtime readers know, I have always aimed for a small wardrobe for myself and for our children.  I am a very plain dresser, so it wasn't difficult to round everything that I use on a daily basis up to do a little photo shoot.  

I have been very inspired by linen for awhile now, but this is the first time that I have really integrated it into my summer wardrobe.  I have three linen skirts and a pair of wide legged linen trousers to wear this summer.  They are all from J. Jill and have either been purchased on Ebay or at deeply discount prices from the online store.  I really love that J. Jill offers clothing in tall sizes (only online)...  it was wonderful to pull on the trousers and have them actually fit my long legs!  Most pants that I try on are high waters on me.  The fifth bottom that I have for this season is a pair of long shorts (similar, here).  The army green color is versatile and I love the length (just above my knee).  All of my shirts are from Target and are boat-neck 3/4 sleeves.  They have several choices in their store currently (these are a mix of shirts from this year and from last year). 

I was able to upgrade my bathing suit and went with a suggestion from a friend.  I chose a navy blue tankini and it goes well with a navy blue and white cotton tunic I use as a cover up.  I am excited that my hat from last summer is still holding up well, as is my beloved tote bag.  The sandals are Born and were my Pascha shoes this year (and hopefully a few years to come!).  As for jewelry, I have been experimenting with dangle earrings for a few months and it has been a fun way to dress up my outfits.  Since it is so hot, I often don't accessorize with much, so the earrings add a little more personality.

What are you wearing this summer?


willfulmina said...

Pretty much exactly this! I'm such a copycat! Though I haven't acquired any linen yet, it's on my list!

Melanie said...

Love it! We have very similar taste. I even have one of the same shirts. I have been on the hunt for a new tote bag and am undecided between a longchamp and a madewell tote. Any recommendations?

Katya said...

I love it!!! So pretty and lady-like! (Not that I expected anything less from you :-)) I'm really loving the hat, especially.

kyrie said...

Melanie, sorry to interject, but my sister has the Longchamp and I have the Madewell; they're both lovely bags and we debated long and hard! Finally we got both but the Longchamp is more floppy and the Madewell is more structured (it will sit upright on its own), so we distrubuted them according to our preferences :D

kyrie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kyrie said...

Oops, typo in that last comment

What a soothing wardrobe! Very classic. I'm a black & gold girl myself with some dusty pink thrown in. I'm just in the process of making the rest of my ten item summer wardrobe; I have a black linen dress cut out to sew up next!

Melanie said...

Thank you! I am leaning towards the Longchamp as I would prefer to have a zipper.

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