Thursday, June 25

Basic Black Wool...

I am all ready to cast onto my second neck-down boatneck pullover.  I decided to go with black for this second sweater and am using Cascade 220 Sport (8 skeins for a size large) ordered from  I plan to come up with good name for this black version of the sweater.  I love my grey Stone Cottage one and can't wait to wear it when the weather cools.

Some notes:  
-  For my last sweater I used worsted weight yarn and am going to try this one in DK.
-  I will be using a size 5 16" circular needle for the neck (the pattern recommends a size 4 for the ribbing and a size 6 16" for the first few inches.
-  I will use a size 6 29" circular for the remainder of the sweater.  I used a larger size (maybe a 7?) for the last one.


Tiny Toadstool Cottage said...

Good luck with your new sweater - and with deciding on a name. Maybe something with Midnight in it?

elizabeth said...

how fun! I hope it goes really well! a name will come to you I am sure!

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