Friday, June 5

Living and Learning: This Week...

Living Well
I've been really thrilled with the abundant blooms on our hydrangea bushes this year and have enjoyed putting them in vases throughout the house.  It doesn't take much to make big impact with fresh flowers! 

I got my hands on the first season of Chicago Fire this week and have been devouring it.  I really like shows with some suspense and this fits the bill!  Happily, our library has all of the dvds for Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, so I should be entertained for awhile.

Our older two children are taking violin lessons (Little Man began a month or so ago) and I have been asking them to practice while I wash the dinner dishes.  Once I am done tidying the kitchen, they give me a little concert of their practiced pieces.  I hope that this becomes a habit for our family.  It sounds like an embarrassment of riches to have an evening of good food, good music, and good reading before a good night's sleep!

I was reading reviews for Love, Work, and Children this past week and saw that someone suggested Laurie Colwin's work.  I quickly requested her book Home Cooking:  A Writer in the Kitchen from the library and it is a delight!  If you enjoy Molly Wizenburg, Tamar Adler, and M,.F.K. Fisher, this book is for you!

In Season
We're in a last few days before the Apostles Fast begins on June 8th.  The summer fasts seem a little easier than the Nativity Fast and Great Lent because of all of the wonderful foods in season this time of year.    Before it the fast begins though, we are going to indulge in a little pizza and chocolate cake for our little Button's fifth birthday tomorrow.  I can't wait!

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elizabeth said...

loved this; I need to read more cook memoirs... blessings on you all! happy last fast free day! :)

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