Tuesday, February 17

Preparing for Great Lent: Candlelight...

 It is no secret that I love the ambiance of candlelight and Great Lent is the perfect time to enjoy it.  There are three sorts of candles I buy this time of year.  The first is a plain pillar candle that I fit into a beautiful glass hurricane candle holder that I was given for Christmas one year.  We light it when we come in from Vespers on Forgiveness Sunday and enjoy it's simple beauty all of Great Lent.  

The second candle that I like to buy is an ornate beeswax egg candle.  For the past two years that have been in stock at our local health food store, but I have often seen them online.  We light this pretty candle from Pascha through Ascension.  My only recommendation is to buy these candles early, as they tend to sell out pretty quickly.

Finally, each year I buy a package of battery operated candles for the children to hold during candlelit evening services.  This allows the parents some piece of mind and makes the little ones feel like part of the service.  These candles are sold at Target and Walmart and are also available online

Using candles is a fairly simple way to bring the Liturgical life into the home.  Use caution when enjoying candles (especially around children) and remember to never leave a candle unattended!

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