Wednesday, February 11

I Cannot Wait!

Rain pelted our area the other night and with the temperature drop, everything was covered with a thick coating of ice yesterday.  Even this afternoon the trees were just gorgeous sparkling in the sunlight.  The beauty almost makes up for the lack of snow!  

Our Valentine cards are all written and packed up to be given to our little cousins...  we'll be getting to see them this Saturday for the newest little one's baptism!  We are all so excited!  Tomorrow will be spent wrapping up our school work for the week and baking loads of cupcakes for the meal following the baptism.

It is  going to be so good to see my sisters and brother.  We all get along really well (in fact, not a day goes by when we don't talk or at least text) and I think that we are all going through a bit of withdrawal from each other.  We're planning on a little diner date on Friday night after the bigger children are in bed...  the baby boys will come with us to have a late night snack and Auntie Emma is going to have a hard time giving those babies back to their mamas!



willfulmina said...

Gah, me either!!!

elizabeth said...

happy for you; you are really singularly blessed in this; most of us do not have such siblings! enjoy!!!

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