Tuesday, August 19


I made the plum torte that Elizabeth mentioned on her blog a week or two ago.  Oh my!  It is delicious and really, really easy!  My children were in the church with their father and grandfather on Monday night for less than ten minutes looking at all of the improvements Father John has done since Grandfather's last visit.  I was able to mix up all the cake ingredients, pour the batter in the pan, and get more than half of the halved plums nestled in to the cake before my little ones came tumbling in to help.  

Two confessions:  

1.  I bake for stress relief.

2.  Though I want to teach my children how to bake and cook so that in the future I will live a life of leisure, I do not find the actual task of baking/cooking with little people stress relieving.

The kidlets helped me finish up and then I popped the cake into the oven to bake while I put them in bed.  We enjoyed the cake all together for breakfast this morning (alongside our eggs and bacon)!

In a nutshell, this recipe will be a staple in our summer kitchen.  It is a wonderful little cake for children to learn with and I will enjoy having a very simple dessert in my repertoire for evenings when I need a few minutes to myself!  Win!  Win!


Courtney said...

This post made me laugh. You know I bake for stress relief too, and usually don't want help for the same reason.

I made chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips today, so that should tell you how I feeling. Work for the new job is piled so high, I couldn't do a darn thing but bake!

elizabeth said...

I do the same, bake when am stressed/for calm!

That looks so great! yum! I know, it's such a good recipe!!! :))))

willfulmina said...

Love this! Am about to squander precious nap time on some quiet cooking.

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