Monday, August 25

Back to School...

To celebrate the end of our first full day of school (we finally have all of our books!), we went to a little farm shop that serves their own homemade ice cream.  Everyone chose something different to enjoy and we sat under the trees watching two little calves that live there.  Once we finished our cones, we were able to give them handfuls of grass and gentle pats (we asked first!).  

This is the first year that we have started our school year before September 1st.  We have a big parish shindig happening the second weekend in September and I have a feeling that school will be disrupted with preparations.  I only have a few housekeeping goals to accomplish before this event and as long as we are good little homeschoolers this week and next, I plan to take a day off on either side of the weekend to keep things semi-sane.  

I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to the autumn! 

1 comment:

Flambeaux said...

Gearing up to start school this term was leaving my poor wife absolutely panicked.

So we're reassessing what's really important and what can be rolled "eventually".

The pictures of the calves look lovely. Sounds like a wonderful day.

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