Friday, August 15

Bless All the Things!

Today was Dormition!  We had Liturgy, of course, and then had a pool party with friends.  Tomorrow is our parish's feast day, so there'll be more celebrating.  Plus, we'll get to break the fast (today was a Friday, so only a fish day)...  there has been a lot of discussion about what we'll choose to eat first!

All of these gorgeous flowers, plants and herbs were blessed today after Liturgy.  I love that there are so many feasts when everyday things are blessed in the Orthodox Church.  Here are some common ones:  water and bodies of water (oceans, rivers, streams, etc.), houses, candles, vehicles, grapes, flowers, beehives and honey, fields, fishing boats, palms, cheese and eggs, meat, cattle, and on and on!
In other news, my husband is suffering from a nasty bout of hives.  We're not really sure what is causing his allergic reaction, so your prayers are appreciated!  I am hoping that it will all be cleared up quickly so that he will be more comfortable.

 Happy Weekend!

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