Thursday, August 7

Living and Learning: August...

The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist

Pick Peaches
Serve meals outside
Begin Violin Lessons
Enjoy Visits with Family
Visit farmer's market frequently
Plan for Upcoming School Year
Order Third Grade and First Grade Schoolbooks
Purchase School Supplies
Continue Good Homemaking Habits
Finish Re-knitting Seashore Cowl
Replenish Everyone's Undergarments and Pajamas
Begin preparing for the Metropolitan's visit in September

Learning Basket Themes

Special Days
Eight Years at Christ the Savior -1st
Full Corn Moon - 10th
Oksana - 13th
Courtney - 22nd

Practice Patience and Love toward one another
Singing – O Heavenly King
Practice cleaning the bathrooms together
Practice sweeping
 Tidy bedrooms each morning   
Enjoy the Summer Book Basket
Nature Table Scene
Visit the Beach several times in the Evenings
Learning Basket for Transfiguration
Prepare baskets of grapes for Transfiguration
Learning Basket for Saint Herman
Learning Basket for Dormition
Purchase flowers to be blessed on Dormition
Go to the Movie Theater 
Attend a few performances/concerts before summer is over
Look for Toads and Frogs
Catch Bugs
Take Morning Walks Before it Gets too Hot
Afternoon Waterplay - hose, pool, sprinkler, etc.
Have picnics  
Watch Thunder and Lightning storms  
Boardwalk rides!


Julie said...

Your monthly Living and Learning posts are some of my favorites! I print them out and add them to my creative journal as inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

Tahara said...

I too love these posts :-)

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