Sunday, April 27

Copywork: Christ is Risen!

I spend a little time each week looking for interesting things for my children to write in their copybooks, usually based upon a theme.  I will post them here each week as a record for myself and as a help to any other family that wishes to use them. 


Christ is Risen!  Indeed He is Risen!

Khristos Voskrese! Voistinu Voskrese!

Christos Anesti! Alithos Anesti!

Al Maseeh Qam! Haqqan Qam!

Le Christ est ressuscité- il est vraiment ressuscité!

Cristo ha resucitado! En verdad, esta resucitado!


MA F said...

Oh what a wonderful idea for copywork... though for our parish we have add Estonian and Irish to the list!

Unknown said...

I love the copywork each week but this is lovely.My son(12 years old) is autistic and writing is a chore for him but since he has been learning cursive it is a "little" easier for him-which his copywork is his daily Bible verse. But I have "copied" many of yours into my "daily" book.:)Thank you for your posts May God Bless continually .

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