Monday, April 21

Christ is Risen!!

I am so happy that Pascha is 40 days!  Soon after we had our dinner, all five of us hit the hay and slept for 12 hours.  Truth be told, I think that I could easily sleep for 12 more, but!  It's Pascha!  Sleep is overrated!

We had a wonderful day yesterday.  Our dinner was ham, loaded baked potatoes (they sounded better than scalloped!) and roasted asparagus.  I made our carrot cake, but it was never eaten...  we were too stuffed from dinner!  I also didn't make our Greek Pascha Bread yet, but there is plenty of time for that.  Last year, I made it once a week for all 40 days!

Today will be a lot of fun!  We have Liturgy this morning and then plan to take the children to the movie theater to see Bears.  We also never held our little family egg hunt yesterday, so we'll do that today as well!  

I hope that you had a lovely Pascha Sunday yesterday! 


elizabeth said...

Christ is Risen!
I am so glad you all got lots of sleep!! :)
Blessed Pascha and Bright Week!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't made Pascha bread yet either, but that's why it's 40 days, right? Lots of time for me to get it in! :)

Martha said...

Truly He is Risen! ♥ We make kulich (some with golden raisins and some without) and usually start 3 weeks before Pascha, and put them in the freezer, there is definitely too much to do Holy Week, with all the church services. We got a beeswax candle like that this year, too. We are burning it everytime we sing the Paschal Hours (instead of morning and evening prayers)!

GretchenJoanna said...

He is risen indeed!
Thanks for the good reminder about having plenty of time...
I definitely plan to get in some more sleeping, and hope to make a pie, too. :-)

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