Saturday, February 22

So Many Books...

I have been reading and reading and reading lately...  here are some gems that you might enjoy:

84, Charing Cross Road
The Private World of Tasha Tudor 
Daily Rituals:  How Artists Work (in progress)

On the 'to be read' pile
Drawn From New England:  Tasha Tudor a Portrait in Words and Pictures
A Prayer Journal
Gift from the Sea

What are you reading?


Lisa A said...

Since I always love to talk about what I'm reading, and since you asked(!)...

The Living Page (wonderful book about Charlotte Mason's methods of notebook keeping)

Pride and Prejudice (annotated edition so I can get all sorts of historical tidbits)

The Art of Teaching

And enjoying both The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings as read alouds with my kids.

elizabeth said...

how lovely... I have read the Gift from the Sea and the 84 C C Road... so wonderful... I am hoping to read F. O'Connor's book that you listed; I am really loving her letters, which I am still reading slowly...

I am reading lots of Saint Porphyrios right now... and Letters to St. Lydia, wow, I am seriously impressed with this book!

thinking of you my dear friend!

kyrie said...

I love the Tasha books! Gift from the Sea is also one of my favorites. I'm in the midst of The Luminaries right now. What a page turner!

Maria said...

I started Surprised by Hope by NT Wright. It's more intense then I expected so it's not quite the "read while walking on the treadmill" book that I was hoping for.

There's so many that I am longing to get to: Pastrix, When we were on Fire, Girl at the end of the world, Jesus Feminist, and The Interestings.

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