Saturday, February 8

Living and Learning: February...

The Meeting of the Lord
Saints Simeon and Anna
The Publican and the Pharisee

Prodigal Son
Sunday of the Last Judgement
 Saint Raphael of Brooklyn

Put away the last few Christmas decorations

Reorganize Seasonal Decorations in the attic  
Enjoy Forced Bulbs (Hyacinth, Tulips, and Daffodils)
Purge Boy Clothes Bins in the Attic
Get Car Serviced
Clean the Car  
Start a Winter Planting Project (Is it too late for bulbs??)  
Valentine's Day:  Menu, Small Trinkets, Cards, Decorations
Plan Lenten Cleaning and Organizing
Wash Bedding (including blankets and comforters)
Knit Grasshopper Shawl
Read Knitting Yarns
Read Daily Rituals

Hearts and Valentines
Special Days
Groundhog Day (2nd)

+Gege (1st)
Baba's 93rd Birthday (5th)
Valentine’s Day (14th)

Full Snow Moon (14th)  
Aunt Susan (17th)  
Grandma (17th)
Auntie Kate and Uncle Pete's Wedding Anniversary (20th)

Practice being still and quiet during services and prayers
Practice patience and love towards one another

Begin a Prayer Journal (a record of the people we'd like to pray for)
Work on entering church properly

 Listen to Peter and the Wolf
The Olympics
Tidy Bedrooms in the morning
Read A Cricket in Times Square

Listen to several Jim Weiss cds
Nature Table Scene
Winter Book Basket
Watercolor Pencils
Learn How to Cut Out Hearts

Feed birds
Polish wooden toys together  

Weaving with Sugar Plum  
Knitting Fork with Little Man

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