Friday, February 28

Lenten Cleaning...

I try to deep clean our home as much as I am able during the weeks when we fast. I find that it is really wonderful to enjoy having everything clean and organized for the Great Feasts of the year. I plan on breaking my cleaning up by cleaning one room or area each week of the Fast (there are seven weeks).  I'll also try to keep up with my regular daily cleaning and laundry routines as much as possible so that the kitchen isn't spotless, while the rest of the house looks like a war zone with naked children running around! 

Week One
Linen Closet

Week Two
Bedroom Closets

Week Three
Living Room
Play Room

Week Four
Laundry Room
Sun Room
Week Five
Dining Room

Week Six
Paschal Shopping (Outfits, Pascha Baskets, and Egg Hunt)
Clean Car
Wash Glass Doors and Windows
Launder Spring Bedding

Week Seven
Hanging Flower Baskets
Paschal Grocery Shopping


Unknown said...
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lila u. said...

I'm in exactly the same place! In so many ways, I've struggled to adapt the spiritual disciplines (as I once knew them, when I was single, and then married but without children) to life as a mother, but this is one thing I've found so helpful! The urge to clean, to declutter and make order of our physical home, dove-tails so nicely with the spiritual efforts of Clean Week, and all of Lent. Today as I swept through the house, fervently decluttering in advance of a seven-week deep clean, the effort perfectly mirrored what I know my spirit needs. Now if I can just make a tidy, disicplined schedule like yours! May your efforts be blessed!

Unknown said...

Now this one way to observe the season. Not only will it help you and your family by having a clean home, you've also done your part in keeping up with the tradition. You could even make the rest of the family participate if they want to. Not everybody celebrates the season this way, but if there's a way to do it, certainly this should be one of them!

German Zollinger @

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